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Our Vision

It is the vision of CSC International to:
Ensure that everyone has a safe place to work free of unnecessary 
risk and harm

This vision is at the very heart of everything we do and has been our guiding principle since our formation in 1996. To ensure that we live up to our vision, we constantly assess and improve the following areas:
  • The quality of training services and personnel that we provide to our clients (especially with regards to meeting and exceeding the standards expected of us by our accrediting bodies)
  • Our focus on innovation and ensuring that all course profiles meet current industry standards, while pre-empting future industry needs
  • Ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of our personnel, course participants and any parties linked to the CSC Group are central to everything we do
  • Guaranteeing that we have a positive impact on the environment while ensuring strict compliance with any Country Specific Laws and Statutes that may apply

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