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Our Personnel

Managing Director

Peter Thomson is the founder and current Managing Director of both CSC International & CSC (Great Yarmouth) Limited. He harbours over 40 years of seasoned experience within high ranking Health & Safety related roles throughout the global energy sector (particularly onshore/offshore oil and gas). 

Peter established CSC (Great Yarmouth) Limited in 1996 as a response to having lost many close personal friends to the harrowing Piper Alpha disaster; this tragedy subsequently fuelled his unwavering devotion to keeping the industry, along with his remaining friends and colleagues, safe from potential and unnecessary harm.

In 2009 he formed CSC International as an extension of this commitment and the company is now widely recognised as one of the leading global providers of offshore safety training.

Marketing & Contracts Director

Ryan Thomson is the Marketing & Contracts Director for both CSC International and CSC (Great Yarmouth) Limited. He has been heavily engaged within the global energy sector on behalf of these two companies for the past decade, in addition to this he also brings a further wealth of knowledge from his university education to the forefront of our marketing and growth strategies, policies and practices. 

Ryan is heavily committed to ensuring the continued success and prosperity of the CSC Group. He has also been responsible for the creation/implementation of a number of company led social initiatives & charitable endeavours.

Company Secretary & Director

Karen Thomson is the Company Secretary for both CSC International and CSC (Great Yarmouth) Limited. Upon finishing her studies at a local business college Karen worked as a Legal Secretary & PA to a highly reputable firm of solicitors for six years, before later taking a senior position within the legal profession and spending 17 years within a local government department. 

In 1996, Karen left her prior employment and became a founding member of the CSC Group. She has since become responsible for managing our administration staff, ensuring managerial matters are dealt with in a professional manner daily and a vast array of other crucial tasks that have underpinned the continued growth of our companies.
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