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Offering Flexible Staffing Services

CSC International provides manpower services designed to suit your specific business needs, we can provide support to help fulfill your long-term business objectives or to supplement your hiring for project based and temporary personnel requirements. We also offer placement options that will deliver the right staffing solution to help ensure the success of your project.  How do we differentiate our staffing services from competitors? It's the persevering value that we can provide to our clients by continuously striving to provide the best service possible. Our undeterred passion has enabled us to become globally recognised for the provision of our manpower services; an accomplishment that we are tremendously proud of.

Staffing Services that Clients Value

The benefit of working with CSC International is that our professional recruiters have the knowledge and expertise to understand your specific industry, we speak your language through experience.  CSC International provides the right employee the first time round, we start by understanding who you are and the attributes that your ideal candidate should possess.  We then use the combined strengths and knowledge of our management team to identify, screen and select the right person for the job.  We put a timeline in place to ensure our staffing services are delivered in the time frame acceptable to you and with the level of quality you deserve, CSC International go beyond the initial steps of recruiting and staffing to ensure that employees are properly trained for project success.  Our regular follow-up and personal contact with employees helps to keep them satisfied within their positions, whilst creating the exceptional value that our customers look for in manpower recruitment services. 

How can we work together?

If you are interested in finding out more about our extensive manpower recruitment services, please don't hesitate to contact us today - we are always available to discuss how to best cater to your requirements.

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