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General Statement

CSC International shall only provide clients with products and services that are fit for purpose, thus ensuring that contractual obligations are fulfilled. In order to meet these requirements we have developed a documented management system which has been implemented throughout our operations (and is firmly adhered to where product quality may be affected). The implementation of the Management System is the direct responsibility of the Managing Director.

Health and Safety is an essential element within all of our operations, as such we endeavour to ensure that all items of equipment used are safe for operation and that we always deliver safe conduct within our services. Our company policy with regards to Health, Safety, the Environment and Quality should be considered as a single corporate policy. 

All personnel shall be made aware of this policy and the requirement to work strictly within the defined parameters of our company procedures. Our employees are always encouraged to be innovative and for decisions to be taken at the lowest appropriate level of management (thus ensuring rapid response rates & uninhibited flexibility). 
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