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Health & Safety

All of our operations are carried out with every effort made to ensure the safety of our employees, clients, subcontractors and others. Ensuring the safety and welfare of all personnel is of vital interest to families, fellow workers and to the management at CSC International. Our primary objective is to achieve Accident Free Operations, to achieve this goal CSC International will endeavour to: -
  • Provide and maintain safe work areas and equipment.
  • Ensure clients and subcontractors meet the same safety standards as CSC International employees.
  • Review the various areas, equipment and work methods that are employed to ensure that they are safe (and whether they can be improved).
  • Ensure that employees are trained to carry out their duties in the safest possible manner. 
Even though our managers and supervisors are accountable for safety in their respective areas, each employee has a responsibility to follow safe working rules and practices (whilst also ensuring that they report any safety hazards to their supervisor). As personal performance of day-to-day operations can make you the most vulnerable to being injured on the job, only the individual employee can truly place our safe operating practices into effect. The safety equipment provided for your use is effective only when used correctly.

CSC International Basic Safety Rules are posted in the workplace and must be followed by all personnel while they are at any company facility or premises.
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