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CSC International will conduct its operations in a lawful and environmentally responsible manner, with a specific focus on the following areas:
  • CSC International will comply with all environmental laws and statutes.
  • As new information becomes available CSC International will also strive to make improvements to our services beyond those legally required.
  • CSC International will minimise, handle and dispose of all hazardous waste within the guidelines laid down.
  • CSC International will guard against spills, leaks and hazardous releases into the environment. We shall also prepare and implement emergency & contingency plans to cover every eventuality within our control.
  • CSC International will always endeavour to train employees in regard to their environmental responsibilities, thus keeping them abreast of new developments relating to that responsibility.
  • CSC International will regularly carry out assessments of its operations to ensure that products are disposed of in compliance with environmental, public health and safety criteria.
  • CSC International will liaise with the enforcement authorities to promote environmental awareness throughout its organisation.
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