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CSC International provides internationally accredited safety training and manpower recruitment services for a diverse array of highly valued clients across the globe. We offer all of our customers unparalleled quality within the services we provide at cost effective rates; a position we have utilised to propel the company towards maximised long-term growth, whilst also developing long-term working relationships and a cost effective solution to the requirements of our clientele. Our corporate vision is to continue as a global leader within our respective fields of expertise, most notably by catering to the needs of clients via our unwavering commitment to excellence, our revered adaptability as well as our unrivalled levels of loyalty and aspiration. 

Safety training within the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy industries has undergone a drastic evolution over recent decades and shall continue to do so for the foreseeable future, as such only the highest calibre of training is permissible in the modern industry climate. It is pertinent to note that the Oil Patch has become increasingly challenging due to deep water drilling and hostile environments, as a result of this CSC International has responded by developing and delivering training packages specifically tailored to satisfying the most critical demands of today (as well as those of the near and immediate future). In addition to this we are also continuously looking towards the longer-term future and strive to pre-empt upcoming industry needs within all of the training packages we put together, whilst also addressing any challenges presented to us by our clients, thus allowing us to always go one step further than our competitors. 

We are very fortunate to house such a highly motivated and competent workforce who operate at the forefront of our chosen fields of expertise, as well as such a supportive back-up team who are continually working on creating the most cost effective safety solutions for our diverse portfolio of clients. We embrace all new and existing working relationships as an opportunity to greatly enhance the safety and global efficiency of your business, whilst always striving to exceed your expectations to deliver the results you deserve. 
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